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Resistance is a word we are all familiar with, but resistance in terms of mindfulness is a bit more foreign to most, me included. Here is a personal story of how I recently experienced resistance.

Last week I returned from a week long vacation; I was relaxed, stress free and ready to get back to everyday life. Until I found out I had to make a last minute trip to Des Moines for work. This was to be my first time travelling since my son was born. I hold a position with a multi-state territory so travel is inevitable, but up until this point my manager hadn’t required it. I was prepared to start slowly integrating travel into my schedule, but on my own terms.

I was fully committed to the trip. I started all the preparation, booked a flight, car, hotel, coordinated the nanny’s schedule with my husband’s work schedule and found a babysitter for the gap of time the nanny and my husband couldn’t be home. Whew, not as easy to take a last minute work trip anymore! Even though I was physically moving forward with the preparations, I was mentally resisting it. Suddenly, my relaxed state of mind started melting away and stress started creeping in. My thought process was something like, “I’m still breastfeeding 4 times a day,  that’s going to be a lot of pumping, how am I going to travel with my milk, I hope my milk supply doesn’t decrease, is Kieran going to get upset with me being gone for a few days…”  You get the idea! I started getting irritated and mad at the situation then. I’m a planner, so I really wanted more time than 6 days to plan for my first work trip.

My parent’s came over the day before my trip and I was telling my dad about my week. He said to me, “Bridge, you have to stop resisting it; accept it, move on and you will start to find joy in it.”  Wow, what he said was SO simple, yet made so much sense. I committed to the work trip so there was no point in me resisting it. The whole time I was away I thought a lot about what he said and how my week could have been so different if I didn’t resist the trip in my head.

You can only hope to learn from your experiences, so the next time I am in a situation of resistance I hope to realize it and move on! Has anyone else had a similar experience where they were resisting something?