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Fertility Health

The Fertility Health Transformation program is an integrative, whole body, holistic approach to preparing your body for conception naturally. It is based on a detailed, data driven case studies by Dr. Stephanie Daniels D.O. of Functional Medicine SF. Whether you are planning to conceive, have been TTC or are planning infertility treatments, this program will help balance your mind and body to create the optimal environment for conception.


Together we will:

  • discover which foods your body needs for nourishment
  • learn about fertility friendly foods (and not so friendly ones!)
  • proactively address and manage stressors
  • learn how to prioritize YOU in your life
  • discover what pregnancy means to you & mindset blocks
  • incorporate fertility friendly movement
  • learn how to be mindful & present in the midst of TTC
  • seek positivity in your daily life

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