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Essential Oils

Essential oils are at the foundation of living a more natural lifestyle. They have been such a blessing in my home and hundreds of other individuals in Holistic Bliss Co. community.

With essential oils you can:

  • swap out chemical cleaners for simple, non-toxic, plant-based cleaners
  • feel empowered in your home
  • uplift your mood
  • calm your mind
  • support digestion, sore muscles, achy joints, head tension
  • support your health naturally so you can enjoy everyday more!

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are compounds within plants that are extracted from the roots, flowers, seeds, bark or other areas of the plant. Essential oils are what give a plant its aroma, protect it from harsh environmental conditions and insects and even play a part in plant pollination. Essential oils are essentially the plants immune system. Using these potent and concentrated oils is a plant-based way to support our immune systems as well. 

How can you use essential oils?

Therapeutic grade essential oils can be used aromatically, topically and/or internally (specific to dōTERRA and only with oils with the label “Supplement Facts” on the bottle). I diffuse essential oils in our home to purify the air and uplift the mood. I use them daily on my face for a healthy complexion and on my wrists to support a positive and happy mood. I use them internally on occasion when my body’s immune system needs an extra boost. It is important when using essential oils to dilute according to age. Less is more when it comes to safe essential oil usage.

Popular Starter Kits

dōTERRA packages together starter kits that provide you with the most popular products. All starter kits waive the $35 wholesale membership fee and are much cheaper than ordering the products individually.

Click HERE to see all the full list of starter kits. The most popular are The Natural Solutions, The Home Essentials and The Family Essentials (add a petal diffuser to this kit) kits.

Get Started!

  1. Click HERE
  2. Click ‘Join dōTERRA’.
  3. Select your language and country.
  4. Select ‘Wholesale Pricing’ if you only want to purchase and use dōTERRA. Select ‘Wellness Advocate’ if you would like to share the oils and earn commission. Both options have the same perks. You can upgrade to a Wellness Advocate at any time for free.
  5. Fill in your information. My enroller ID should auto populate but if it doesn’t enter 2739285
  6. Select your enrollment kit ($35 wholesale membership is waived with all kits). You can add additional items to your cart by typing the name in under your kit.
  7. Click on ‘View Total’ and enter your credit card information and process the order!

Getting Started FAQ

Do I have to order product every month?

No, there is no monthly order requirement with dōTERRA. You can however opt into the Loyalty Rewards Program (if you choose) which is a monthly auto-ship program. This is the best way to purchase your oils because you are given product points after each monthly purchase that you can cash in for free product!

Do I have to sell the oils to join?
There is no requirement to sell the oils. If down the road you decide you want to build a dōTERRA business, you can upgrade your account for free.

Can I return the oils?
Yes, you can return your oils. Click HERE to see dōTERRA’s full return policy.


Where do I start with education?

Upon enrolling you will have a free essential oil consult with Holistic Bliss Co. You will be sent a series of emails with links to educational resources and videos. You will also be plugged into our secret Facebook community. There is no shortage of education!