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  • I love coconut yogurt, but it's hard to find a good, inexpensive one at the store. So, I made my own! It's fairly easy to do if you have a Yogurt setting on your InstaPot. Check out my recipe and

  • I love to have a little something sweet after I eat. Anyone else!? Since my diagnosis with NETs I have to watch my blood glucose levels which means no sugar for me! I'm always experimenting with sugar free recipes that

  • Kieran woke up yesterday (on his birthday) with a increased body temperature. Poor guy 🙁 It started off at 100 F and peaked at 102 F late morning. After his nap it dropped to 100 F again and stayed there

  • I bought a new dry skin brush and I’m addicted! My old one didn’t have a long handle and had softer bristles (which is good for beginners). I find the courser bristles so invigorating in the morning! I add a

  • menstrual cramps My best friend on day 1 of my cycle (and every other day really). Ladies, this is a #gamechanger move over PMS. Apply it over your abdomen to calm and soothe the muscles and if you have real bitch of

  • Do you use traditional fabric softeners? If so, you are exposing yourself to QUATS (Quarternary Ammonium Compounds) they are skin irritants and may be a culprit of respiratory disorders  Traditional fabric softerners are really just a mix of chemicals that coat

  • Resistance is a word we are all familiar with, but resistance in terms of mindfulness is a bit more foreign to most, me included. Here is a personal story of how I recently experienced resistance. Last week I returned from a

  • Sounds simple, right? You have to breathe to live, so why would I need to think about breathing?? I read this quote the other day from Pema Chödrön from the Shambhala Publication and it got me thinking about the importance of breath and how

  • Anyone who has had difficulty trying to conceive knows that it can be an exhausting and stressful time in your life. Thankfully there are many ways we can support our body and boost our fertility naturally. Incorporating movement into our